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A phone consultation with one of our doctors gives you the opportunity to get medical advice quickly and easily without having to come into the clinic. The phone consultation is aimed at helping with minor health problems and providing general medical advice. Serious concerns and complicated health issues require face to face consultations.

To arrange to speak to one of our doctors please call 020 8336 6550 during clinic hours, 8am to 6pm,  to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Payment must be made before you speak to the doctor and please be advised that the GP might advise that your condition indicates that you should be seen in clinic by a medic for a face to face consultation and examination.

Please note that there are some limitations to a phone consultation. Prescriptions, for example, cannot be issued from a phone consultation. The fee is non refundable. If a doctor in our clinic sees you immediately following the phone consultation about the same problem an adjustment in fees might be made at the doctors discretion.