We offer four health checks-

Health Screen - £320

The Premier Health Screen - £620 male / £650 female

Cancer Screen £500/£520

The Healthy Heart Screen £730

We offer health screens to help detect any potential health issues in good time before they become a problem.

 All our screens are thorough and efficient, with rapid turnaround of results. 

Our standard health screens are listed here. In addition, depending on your family history and current health, our doctors might advise you to have additional tests, such as an osteoporosis screen and bone profile, allergy tests or an endocrine profile. Our doctors will discuss this with you fully during your consultation.

Where indicated we can refer patients for mammograms to a local private hospital.

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Health Screen Premier Men's Screen Premier Women's Screen Healthy Heart Screen Cancer Screen
Premedical Questionaire
Full Consultation
Assessment of cardiovascular risk
Assessment of problems that run in your family
Full body system check
Examine height, weight and body mass idex
Take blood pressure
Examination of cardiovascular system
Examination of respiratory system
Examination of abdominal system
Examination of nervous system
Examiniation of musculoskeletal system
Urine dipstick for sugar, protein and blood
Lung function tests
Full Blood Screen:
Full blood count
Urea and Electrolytes
Liver Function
Uric Acid
Men:Prostate-Specific Antogen(PSA)
Ovarian Breast
Cholesterol and Lipids
Vitamin D
Stool Screening for colon cancer
Women:Breast examination
Women:Gynaecological examination and smear
Men:testicular examination
Men:Prostate examination
Detailed report
Exercise Electrocardiogram
Chest X-Ray